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2016 Contracted PANASONIC rental projector and video conferencing system
2015 Contracted with BARCO to distribute IOSONO
2014 Venture Business Certification
4K LED signboard LED Leyard agent agreement contract
Selected as small giant Enterprise by Ministry of Employment and Labor
2013 Signed agency agreement with IOSONO
Signed a contract with Sama Pro Sound
2011 Relocate a Office
2010 Main-Biz certification of management innovation type small business
Certified research institute affiliated with video research institute
2005 Open an online shopping mall
2003 Registration of application for service in the Patent Office
Contracted with Chief Manufacturing Agency
Signed contract with Sony B&P A/S
2002 Website Reorganization (English, Korean)
Acquired ISO 9001 certification
Joined the Korea Exhibition Industry Cooperative
2001 Increase of 15,000 shares
1995 Joined the Korea Information and Communications Corporation
(License number: Seoul 381)
Signed exclusive distributor contract with Da-Lite USA
Joined Korea Electronics Industry Cooperative (No. 1084)
Signed agency contract with Extron, USA
1993 Established a rental department in the head office to rent video equipment professionally
Contracted with Sony Display products sales agent
Signed agency agreement with Navitar Inc
3M Korea Signs Sales Contract with Kodak Korea
1992 Int’l Communication Industries Association Inc. Sign Up
(주)Founded Audio Visual Korea Co., Ltd